Providing a peek inside the world of Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonists, CounterPoint's mission is to create a sustainable business model that enables some of the nation's sharpest political cartoonists of all perspectives to foster a balanced, uncensored debate with enough humor to make these critical topics approachable for the dinner table, and to invite healthy discussions among friends. A nation divided by opinion cannot stand, but a nation composed of diverse opinions and lively debate will land on the best possible consensus.

About Counterpoint

Counterpoint Media was founded in 2019 by Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson as a platform to sustain and grow the art of political cartooning. Over the last few years, economic pressures on newsrooms have led to major publications eliminating the role of editorial cartoonists, and some have stopped printing cartoons entirely. Understanding their inherent value, Counterpoint publishes a newsletter featuring the rotating work of 16 cartoonists from all over the United States, each with their own unique artistic talent and political views.
On June 1st 2022, Counterpoint will launch a new cartoon syndication platform. The syndicate will handle the licensing, syndication, and distribution of former Washington Post syndicated editorial cartoonists and more. The initial list of cartoonists includes: Clay Bennett, Lisa Benson, Tim Campbell, Jeff Danziger, Jack Ohman, and current Counterpoint contributor Pedro X. Molina. Counterpoint will service each cartoonist’s existing clients while eventually expanding the roster of talent available. The expansion into licensing and syndication will broaden Counterpoint's mission to support independent political cartooning.

How did Counterpoint come to be?

The last few years have proven tough for political cartoonists. Some major publications — most notably the New York Times — announced they’ll stop printing cartoons for good, and staff editorial cartoon positions continue to be eliminated. Editorial cartoonists have been holding politicians accountable for America’s entire history. They have shaped our country from its earliest days (how could we overlook Benjamin Franklin’s Join, or Die?), and they create the kind of political environment our country needs right now: a balanced, uncensored debate with enough humor to make these critical topics approachable for the dinner table, and to invite healthy discussions among friends. 


In 2018, after losing his job as a staff editorial cartoonist, Nick Anderson wrote a piece for CNN Opinion about the grim state of political cartooning in the US. He received an outpouring of support from friends, family, and former colleagues, but the most surprising response to the article came in the form of a LinkedIn request from Vivek Garipalli. A voracious consumer of news, Garipalli read Anderson’s opinion piece and reached out asking to chat about the article the next day. Anderson was freelancing at the time and very curious as to what someone like Vivek, a serial entrepreneur, was interested in discussing about the world of editorial cartoons.